Beretta Semi-automatic Action Closure


Remove the trigger assembly per the owner’s manual. Remove the small pin located below & to the rear of the factory closure button. Push the pin toward the inside of the receiver with a small punch. This small pin holds in another longer pin. Remove the longer pin by pushing on the pin from the bottom of the receiver with a straightened paper clip. It should push to the top of the receiver easily. Remove the cartridge latch from the receiver. There are two springs in this assembly. Take note of where they are as they have to go back in these places at assembly. Remove the small pin holding the factory closure button to the latch assembly by squeezing the two items together & pushing on the pin with the paper clip you used before.

Assemble the new lever style closure button to the latch assembly making sure the two springs are included in this assembly. From the inside of the receiver the lever style latch is inserted through the hole in the receiver. This takes a little patience as the one spring tries to keep the assembly straight. When you get the latch assembly through the hole & in position push the pin you removed earlier back into the hole from the top of the receiver. Make sure this pin is down far enough before replacing the short side pin. Re-assemble the trigger assembly.


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